Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Class Notes: Nov 20, 2011

Attendence: Charlie, Lem

Discussed blade protocol
Blade passing
3 of 9 template w/tapping
Knife Cross-body parry
Free flow

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting Robbed @ MMA: Nov 15, 2011

Guro Bob asked each one of us . . . What would you and three other friends do if you were being robbed?

Would we all jump him at the same time? Would we sacrifice one person? Who would make the first move? In this scenario, we had one robber with a gun holding up 4 people. We tried a few things. . . one person tried for the gun while everyone else grabbed for a limb. We tried sneaking one person in while the gunman was being distracted. All our efforts fell short. One person or all of us were getting shot.

A tactic that worked consistently was to have the targeted person initiate the first move. His move has to be quick and committed to alter the target of the gun away from himself and his friends. Then each one has to help move the gun up and away while taking a limb.

Two groups of thought happens in this situation. It won't happen to me, so I won't need to think about it--reacting. Or if it happens, I have a plan--acting. Will you be the one reacting or will you be the one acting with a plan before it happens?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Immortals-God and Titans

I went to see this movie recently because I heard that Tuhon Rafael Kayanan from Sayoc Kali helped work on it. Another reason I wanted to check it out is because the directors also did the movie 300.

First, let me start by saying that it has some sweet action scenes. There were a few blade action sequences that showed a nice flow. There was a primal scene where the lead character, Theseus, faces off against a tall beast a.k.a. the executioner. He got some good slashes to the back of the knees to take out the tendons which dropped him, then to the neck area for a vital hit.

I wished the movie developed the story line better. Theseus' character was not as compelling as King Leonidas of 300. I really didn't cheer for Theseus. I just watched it for the action scenes. I think King Hyperion (Micky Rourke) had a stronger impact throughout the movie than Theseus' character. Micky Rourke did a great job depicting an evil mastermind.

If you like to watch a movie for some blade action, Immortals will not disappoint.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Training @ MMA: Nov 1, 2011

Training at Maharlika Martial Arts fun. Guro Bob went over what we learned with Tuhon Carl Atienza. We got to do some zombie scenarios and team scenarios. We also tried two vs two. I should have kept my awareness up because I got hit good in the head a few times.

Sharing a Part of My Culture

Growing up I liked watching martial arts movies that had a lot of kicks and punches. I was born and raised in America so when I first heard about about FMA, I was surprised to read about it through some Blackbelt magazines. I never knew Philippines had there own martial arts back then. I already liked movies that had a lot of action. I grew up idolizing Bruce Lee and watched all his movies. But I was intrigued that Philippines had there own martial arts and wanted to know more about it. My first experience with FMA was when I was about 10 year's old, I asked my dad if he knew anything about it.

He started telling me that he learned 'stuff' when he was in the filipino army serving in Vietnam. I asked him to show me some moves. He told me to get the bolo's out. Bolo's are like machete's here in the US. So he told me to swing at him. I wasn't sure about this so I slowly tried to hit him with a head shot (left temple). He stepped back and swung the bolo in an upward motion toward my wrist. I was scared because we were using live blades (I thought he'd be showing some empty hand techniques). So I said thank you for showing me. He didn't let me leave that easily. So he motioned me to try to hit him on the his right side. I tried . . . and he countered it by stepping back and aiming for my wrist again.

Looking back to that memory, I realized that not many people knew about FMA. I think in part because the filipino culture is to adapt and simulate into the environment. Only recently, people are getting cultured in the FMA through movies like Bourne Identity series, Hunted, and The Book of Eli to name a few. I think it will continue to be useful for anyone to learn. Not only should people see the value of learning how to punch, kick and grapple but how to use a weapon. Because not everyone likes to play fare in the streets:)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Class: Nov. 10, 2011

Attendance: Todd L., Lem

Worked on downward deflections 1 & 2.
C-template, stick.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Class: Oct 27, 2011

Attendence: Tim M (perspective student), Lem

Blade protocol.
3 of 9 template.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Atienza Kali (AK) training at Maharlika Martial Arts Oct. 30

Tuhon Carl Atienza started class with an introduction to the design of their shoulder rig and back rig due to their experience growing up in NYC. He shared reasons why the training rig are set up the way they are. He got us thinking about riots and how we would react in those situations. Discussed what weapons could be used for each range from projectile to closing in.

We went over some techniques that could be used against a mass attack. Discussed which targeting areas would be available if someone was armored (chest, helmet).

Drilled tactics with two different scenarios: 2-men chasing and/or 3-men waiting for you. 

Finished up with combat analysis. Guro Bob against me. No contest. . . Guro Bob has more arsenal than me. Tuhon Carl asked what fighter types could be seen while we were sparring with the smak-sticks. AK has about 12 fighter type's that can be defined as of today. Each fighter type has pros and cons. There's certain things that each fighter does that distinguishes him from his opponent. For example, you can tell a wrestler from a kickboxer (striker) or bjj from a wrestler. Certain movements can be assumed how that person will continue to attack or fall back when stressed.

In conclusion, I had a great time at this training session. AK shed's a different light into blade tactics and mass attack tactics. It's still considered a new FMA relative to those who have been in the world like Modern Arnis or Doce Pares. Not many people know about AK now, but I think it's popularity will continue to grow.