Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Class: Aug. 11, 2013


3 of 9 w/tapping
3 of 9 left defeats right
3 of 9 template rt/lh
drill: students stood back to back and Feeder turned around and fed 3 random (3 of 9) attacks. Receiver tries to counter with correct response.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Maharlika Martial Arts: July 30, 2013

Tonight's class was led by Guro Bob. He had us split into pairs working on specific Transitional Drills. I was paired up with Alex (he's been here about 8-12 months). We worked TD's up to 7. He needed some help with TD's 4 and 5. After we got that down, I taught him TD 7. He picked up both Feeder and Receiver side's. Later, Guro Joe M. did some reps with him.

Guro Bob said he'll be leaving this weekend for Sama Sama in Europe. We wish him safe travels and can't wait until he comes back to share new material with us.