Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekday Class Notes: 4/14/2015


3 of 9 Rh/Lh/with tapping
Reviewed 3 of 9 True Left
Reviewed TD 1
Taught Panatukan set 1: 1-5
4 of 12 Right Hand

Maharlika Class: 4/7/2015

Tonight's class was great! We split the guys into two groups. Beginners and intermediate. The beginner guys were taught 3 of 9 Rh and Lh template. They installed that until end of class. The other group got to put to use the knowledge of Right and Left hand 3 of 9 template. Guro Joe C. expressed the need for a panatukan feel to the drill. Later, Guro Joe M. would show what it could look like if one hand is used to clear.

Later, we asked them to use it to get into a grappling/control with Rh and Lh template. We had them do it for each count for 3 of 9.

Nice class!

Class Notes: 4/5/2015


Review 3 of 9 Rh/Lh template/Lh defeats Rh
TD 1-5
Free Flow
Dan continues his growth in understanding of free flow. As an instructor, I should be the one guiding the free flow. I dictate what the student learns. This part of the process of being a teacher and student is a learning process. I want to see what works for me but at the same time be able to explain what can be learned from that encounter for him.

As for free-flow from a Feeder's standpoint, it should be the Feeder who dictates how the free-flow will turn out. In the end, it can come from both sides of the free-flow: From a Receiver turning into a Feeder or from a Feeder staying as a Feeder. This will depend on the knowledge (skill level), use of the information (experience, skill level), and familiarity of the technique (attack/cross-tapping).

Class Notes: 3/29/2015


3 of 9 Rh/Lh template/tapping
TD 1-4
TD 5

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lip Sync Battle: Tonight's Show with Jimmy Fallon

Total commitment... whether lip syncing, training, or grappling. 100% commitment. No half-assed workout or training.

Maharlika Class: 3/31/2015

Tonight's class, Guro Joe M., showed the hub (hubud) drill that Guro Harley showed us in Instructor Weekend. The drill was a nice reminder of the weekend. I've done hubad drills before from other fma's. This drill reminds us about our targets during the reps.

For the rest of the class time, we spent time reviewing with the students their transitional drills and some 3 of 9 material. Nice class.