Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Class: Aug 25, 2011

Attendees: JR, Lem, Mike (observing)

Review 3 of 9 w/tapping
3 of 9 true left
Counters against reflexive response to receiver grabbing blade hand

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Receiver Grips @ Maharlika Martial Arts (MMA). Aug. 16

We had a nice class at MMA. Guro Joe Cypressi led the class and taught receiver grips. Receiver grips are fused in a flow drill that shows different grips as if the receiver had control of the blade. A few questions were brought up in class like "how are these receiver grips going to help in a fight?" or "when do we use this? No one is going to stand there and let us perform receiver grips on them".

When performing this drill, you are working the receiver grips and attacking targets without the feeder giving much resistance. It might seem unrealistic to those who are just watching... but it is just a flow drill. Just like in brazilian jiu-jitsu. They have grappling flow drills. From guard to open guard->sweep to mount-> mount to americana, armbar, or choke.

The receiver grips is a flow drill. It helps us to memorize different grips without having to stop and start a new technique for another grip. If you want to train it like a knife technique-receiver drill, you can isolate a receiver grip and feed a technique for the grip you wanted to work on. As far as using it in a fight, you might not have your blade out in time if someone attacked with a knife. While he's still holding his blade, you could use his own blade against himself. The blade is yours now, not his. Now you become the Feeder.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Class: Aug 14, 2011

Attendees: JR, Lem

3 of 9 template (rh, lh, simultaneously)
3 of 9 lh defeats rh
3 of 9 w/tapping

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Class: Aug 4, 2011

Attendees: Jose Rodriquez (JR, newbie), Lem

Notes: Discussed blade protocols. Explained feeder and receiver roles in drills. Explained having the feeder mentality. 3 of 9 template. Cross-body parry drill. 3 of 9 with tapping. Ended class with free-flow.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Visiting Maharlika Martial Arts (MMA). Aug. 2

I was able to go through phase 2 for 3 of 9 with Joe Cypressi and David Davis. A lot of good pointers to remember from Guro Bob. I wasn't able to hit the finger jab on the first two hits. I thought it was my height, because I'm short (lol) and David is tall. However, Guro Bob pointed out that I needed to throw the finger jab before he threw his first shot. After that advice, I was able to hit my target without having to be super fast or tall.

After that, we worked on TD1 (receiver with blade). The receiver looks for targets while the feeder performs TD1. Points to remember: can have countless amount of targets for each move. Having one way is not always the only way.

Last part of class, we worked on a hold-up scenario with a blade. Attacker holds a blade to your neck and pushes you (receiver) against the wall. Receiver puts his hands up while shrugging shoulders forward and turning his head away from the blade. Then, as the receiver brings up his hands, quickly tap the attackers blade to get away. Points to remember: create space, move outside/behind attacker's blade arm. The more space you create between you and the attacker, the better chance of escaping without vital injury.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Serial Butt Slasher in Northern Virginia?

I heard on the news this past week about a "serial butt slasher" attacking young women in the mall. I did a search and found an article about a serial butt slasher in N. Virginia, and I couldn't believe it! How could someone get away with slashing someone else's body. I hope that someone catches this guy soon, because I wouldn't want any of my friends or family members to ever be attacked. It sounds like he's distracting and then slashing them as their eyes and mind are occupied with something else. What would you do? How would you prevent something like that from happening to you?

As martial artists, we talk about being ready at every moment. We are ready to fight if something bad comes at us. But what if the attacker doesn't want you to know he's coming? Without talking about the psychological issues of the attacker, let's see some actions we can do to lessen his attack on us.

Always be aware of your surroundings! You would think nothing bad can happen in the mall. Well, it already did happen here in N. Virginia. Make it harder for someone to hit you by creating distance or having another object between you and that person. Always look for ways to exit or be able to find a safe place to go. 

Watch people! Watch how they are looking at other people or if they are looking at you. You can always notice how people have different facial expressions when they are mad, sad, or happy. Watch their hands. Are their hands clinched, ready to hit? Maybe they are reaching for a weapon? Watch their eyes. Maybe the attacker is zoning in an area where they want to attack.

Go in numbers! It's always good to be with a friend or friends when something bad happens. They can help you fend off the attacker or call for help. You can watch each other's back. But what if you're alone with your child in the mall? Use your parental instincts. I think a mother has a sixth-sense when it comes to protecting her child. Listen to your instincts if you feel like a person doesn't act or look right. Move to a safer place. You can walk to other areas of the mall that have a greater amount of people.

Each of us can do something to lessen an attack on ourselves. But you have to be willing to trust your instinct and be ready for any situation to prevent it. Some thought provoking articles to read are situational awareness by Guro Harley E., and awareness training by Guro John P.

Class: July 31, 2011

Attendees: Bryant N. (from MMA), Lem

Review of templates 3 of 9 rh, lh, and simultaneously. True left. Left defeats right. Phase two for 3 of 9. Reveiw of TD1.