Sunday, March 24, 2013

Class: March 24, 2013


3 of 9 Rh/Lh template
3 of 9 w/tapping
3 of 9 Lh defeats Rh
Panatukan 1-6
Lunges 10 reps each side with 20 lb
Transitional Drill 1

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stick-Grappling @ Maharlika Martial Arts: March 19, 2013

On this night, Guro Bob went over Tuhon Tom's material for stick-grappling. I was excited to go over the material. They started last week which I wasn't able to make, but we reviewed the techniques in the beginning of class.

Techniques done last week (probably not the official terms):
• standing side control/clinch to neck smash
• standing side control/clinch to ribs grinding
• standing side control/clinch to Pez takedown
• standing side control/clinch to rear choke and if Receiver ducks out of side control--hold down head and strike.

Techniques done tonight:
• standing side control/clinch to thigh grind until Receiver falls to the ground--once on the ground, hit legs and ankles. At first, I started aiming for the head, but Guro Bob suggested to hit the legs because the Receiver has a better chance of grabbing the stick. If Receiver gets up again, close gap and place R in standing side control.
• standing side control/clinch to thigh grind--Receiver counters by pulling the stick up. Feeder quickly brings the stick up to the armpit. F reaches up and over with Lh to perform cop-lock. R counters and gets out of cop-lock. F flows from cop-lock to throat crush.

Some other techniques to perform if R tries to get arm out of standing side control/clinch: release hold of stick with Rh and reposition hold.

Near the end of class, I reviewed TDs 1-10 with Guro Joe Marana.

Next week, going over stick-grappling from the clinch.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Class: March 10, 2013


3 of 9 template rh/lh/at same time
Lh defeats Rh
Panatuken 1-8 counts
10 reps of lunges each side with 20 lb.
TD 1
Free flow

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maharlika Martial Arts Class: March 5, 2013

In tonight's class, Guro Bob had us review transitional drill 6. Guro's Joe Marana, Joe Cypressi and I were reviewing and refining the drill. We learned that many of the Feeder's moves comprised of Guard 5 (empty hand) material. For instance in TD6, the Feeder catches the Receiver's kick. Then, Feeder waits right as the Receiver plants that same foot to land and kicks it. It should look like the Feeder is kicking Receiver's leg from underneath him before he plants it.
We had a good class. Next week, Guro Bob said we'd work with some stick grappling material. Sounds like fun!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Class: March 3, 2013


3 of 9 rh/lh/simultaneous
TD 1 Feeder/Receiver
Lunges 10 times both sides with 20 lbs weights
Panatuken 1-5
Free flow