Friday, August 22, 2014

Class Notes: Aug 17, 2014

Guro Lem
Dan (from Maharlika Martial Arts school)

Manny and Muhamed performed 3 of 9 right hand w/cross tapping. Reminded them to go slow and smooth when learning drill. Also, noticed that they were adding to the receiver side of the drill; Adding hits. Mentioned that they should first learn the drill well. That it's a process in learning. Installing it into muscle memory.

Dan and Bryant reviewed Transitional drills 1 and 2. Also, made them go through different tapping. Pendulum, cork screw, funnel, and percussion tapping.

Went through reversals against one hand and two hand grabs.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Atienza Kali Training Group Session: Aug 2014

We had a good time at the AK (Atienza Kali) training session with Guro Leo Manalo. Hosted by Guro Joey Marana of Maharlika Martial Arts. We talked a little before the training and caught up with everyone again. It was good to see Guro Dr Bob in the mix as well.

We first reviewed Bolo Evo 1 in the beginning. Then, we learned a new application with the knife vs bolo. Very hard to describe the feeling of almost getting hit by the bolo. I had to learn to close in before the bolo-feeder had time to react. After that, we got to experience some RCE's. Very cool way to train your drills. It's not really sparring or drilling or exercising... but you are doing all of them at the same period of time. After that workout, I was panting for air. Luckily, we had to break for lunch.

After a hearty meal, Guro Leo geared up with his armor and said that each one of us had to go through RCE's and apply what we learned in the Bolo Evo 1. This exercise was going to test our skills. We ran it three times. By my third round, my technique was sloppy and was barely getting my shots in. At least, I think I deflected or passed most of Guro Leo's attacks. But maybe it was my lack of oxygen to my brain telling me that?

Archery was our next training. Practiced shooting with a bow. Then, we trained drawing our bolo after shooting an arrow. Team's of two tactic's and maneuvering. Although, no one seriously got hurt. One of the guys had to sit out because he got a big hematoma from the recoil of the bow's string.

In the end, we all had a good time. We learned some new ways to install our drills and get exercise. Team tactics with bow and blade manipulation.

Maharlika Class notes: Aug 5, 2014

I was able to go up and help Guro Joe Cypressi teach class. Went over TD1 with Alex and Bob. Then, reviewed different cross tapping. First, pendulum to corkscrew to funnel, and we tried percussion tapping. I had them try percussion tapping in TD1 to see where they could use it.

Later, Guro Joe C. reviewed AK material Bolo Evo 1. We also tried a modifier--an aluminum bat. It was interesting because i had a hard time holding it with one hand. I had to either choke up or use two hands to perform certain techniques. We first warmed up with long smooth X-swings. He mentioned how to keep the flow from one side to the other without stopping/jerking. We later tried performing the Bolo Evo 1 with bats. Very loud!! But it was very cool to see how much we could manipulate the bat to do the Bolo Evo 1 drill.

Class Notes: Aug 3, 2014

Mohamed (perspective new student)
Guro Lem


Discussed blade protocol and awareness, reactionary gap, feeder and receivers.
3 of 9 template rh/with cross tapping/odds and evens
Review TD1 and TD2 for Dan and Tavon.