Monday, October 2, 2017

Class Notes: October 1, 2017

Guro Lem

We warmed up class with 3 of 9 tapping, left hand template, and left defeats right drill. Reviewed and drilled TD1. Worked through stop-blocks with Bryant. Later, Andrew and Bryant went through TD1-4. I've noticed that sometimes a student gets stuck at a certain count in a drill. Every teacher has a way of letting the student know what's the correct way to do the drill.

Sometimes what I like to do is to let them try again with a slower tempo with no verbal correction. Maybe I'll try that again with a slower tempo and see if they can correct the technique. Later, correct them if they can't figure it out. Sometimes it's nice to have the student work through it in their head. Giving them hints along the way is good but when they figure it out on their own is better for their growth than giving them the answer every time.

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