Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maharlika Martial Arts: Aug. 7, 2012

We had an unexpected visit from Full Instructor Guro Victor Wong. It was nice to see another instructor in town. We had the class split in two groups. I was with the new guys and helped assist Guro Victor. He introduced a drill that shows different types of tapping. First, we started with two hands palm down to one hand palm down and the other palm up. This drill evolved into cross-body tapping to punching while tapping.

Later, we paired up and practiced drawing the blade from a concealed area. We added a modifier by having our partner add pressure while drawing a blade. Guro Vic then added another person to have a 2 vs 1 scenario.

Note: Can we draw a blade in a stressful encounter? Can we draw it quickly enough before being grabbed? Can we perform the technique needed to neutralize the situation?

Picture above is Guro Bob Shin teaching at sama sama Europe 2012.

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